Our Story

Started out with three ex-colleagues whom made a decision to leave their kick ass awesome corporate life to be stay at home mothers for their growing children (equally kick ass…sometimes quite literally :P) but at the same time continuously believe with their experiences, skill set and positive can do attitude, they can do MORE and continue to contribute to the economic growth from the comfort (or mayhem) of their home.

They decided to combine their expertise and experiences for the greater good .(cliche much?)

From what started out as an idea to provide cost saving virtual services to corporate or non corporate organisations, big or small was later fine tune to providing support to women alike to continue or embark their career via remote work or freelance opportunities.

The Team

Rasheda Mohd Noh

A warm approachable individual who is a problem solver. She was in the workforce for 15 years (System Analyst, Research Developer, Technical Support, Team Leader) before she decided to leave her career to contribute to the society differently; molding potential future leaders a.k.a her three beautiful children.

A year into her stay at home “career”, it became clear with her experiences and skill sets there are so much more she can and want to offer whilst being a stay at home mom.

She constantly find herself asking how can a mother continue her career whilst watch her kids grow and be there for them.

She envisioned creating and sharing remote work opportunities for mothers alike. That’s when Women’s Life Work journey began.

Mukminah Omar

This mother of one made a leap of faith to pursue entrepreneurship after working 8 years in a financial institution, where she managed a global customer support team, and was escalation point in sales support. She now runs an online women’s label, Momar and a retail collaboration platform, Daisiliia & Co. which facilitates small businesses to participate in events, bazaars and roadshows at low costs.

With a strong passion for teaching, Muk is also a freelance art teacher and Math tutor to elementary students.

Muk believes that all women are made to be dynamic and versatile, considering the multiple hats they wear each day; and strongly feels that it is crucial that women support one another to be the best versions of themselves.

Nadirah Abdullah

Nadirah committed 10 years of her life to corporate world, where she led a team of Global Customer Service professionals and managed clients’ contracts with the company. Then, she became a mama to 2 wonderful boys and realised a standard 8 to 6 was the last place she wanted to be in (both were below 2 then!). She fought for a flexible work arrangement, and when that was not in her favour, she took the bold step to quit her job and chose the title “Chief Operating Officer” at home.

Even as a stay-at-home mom, her strong passion for customer service, training and coaching others remains. Today, she is determined to redefine motherhood in this metropolitan city by leveraging on her vast experience, skills and network. Hence, she jumps at the opportunity to work with her best ex-work buddies and believes that the team can help create a supportive platform for all mothers, whether stay-at-home, working, or single.

One of Nadirah’s belief: Verily, with hardship, there is relief.


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