Helping single and stay home mothers stay strong

Inspired by her role model, her father, our next woman feature knew all along she wanted to give back to the community and help others.

Hi Suzlina! Let’s start with an introduction of yourself.

My name is Suzlina Rahman. I am 39 years old, born and raised in Singapore. I am the Founder of Curated by Suz (@curatedbysuz).

I am married to a Singaporean Pakistani man and we have two children. My husband is a Head of Department for a school in the East, my eldest daughter is 11 years old and my son is 4 years old.

Before deciding to spend more time with my family and enjoy a slower pace of life, I was a Senior Project Manager for a research institute at a university. My projects were funded by financial institutions and the beneficiaries were from the lower-income families. Despite leaving my full-time career, I knew I wanted to continue contributing and helping others.

Giving back journey

Volunteering has always been part of my life. I grew up in a family that does charitable work and am fortunate to have my dad as a role model. While he was still able, he volunteered with the local mosque and participated in charity food drives. His participation extended to overseas drives too. He is my inspiration to do more for others.

So, after leaving my full-time position in 2015, I volunteered with an association that helps domestic abused victims. I assisted the legal team to translate legal advice from English to Bahasa Indonesia to foreign wives who were victims of domestic abuse. Regardless of the adversity, these women were very supportive of each other. They had built their support system in the sheltered homes where they care for each other’s kids when it became too overwhelming for the mothers.

“I came to realise how strong women are, how often we make sacrifices for our children and the importance of a good support system.”

Suzlina Rahman – Founder of @curatedbysuz

Unfortunately, I also witness how these strong women forgot how valued they are to society. I explored ways to help them move forward, wanting them to feel their worth and know they are appreciated for their talent but I know there is only so much I can do at that point. It is not advisable to work with victims of domestic abuse when they are still undergoing therapy and consultations.

From this experience, regardless of circumstances, I can’t help but resonate how we as mothers often forget how much we are worth as we get too caught up with our multiple roles. This spurs me to pursue starting up a project or business supporting other businesses. Now known as Curated by Suz.

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Curated by Suz. What is it and how does it work?

Curated by Suz is a platform that helps promote and market home-baked goods to our customers. We developed partnerships with selected businesses where we supply our cookies, cakes and tarts to their clientele. We seek partnership and possible collaborations to create a win-win situation for our bakers and partners. We do participate in food fairs as a team where “Curated by Suz” provides the business, marketing and administrative support.

The goods at “Curated by Suz” are baked by mothers who are single and/or stay at home who may or may not have a side business setup. They are certified to bake from home. The aim is to help these mothers to earn an additional income through the home bakes goods by receiving 60%-80% of the profits we make.

By partnering with Curated by Suz, these mothers can leverage my expertise and fill in gaps that may have been previously lacking such as the marketing and the business development. We support each other in our respective areas of strength to build this business. They can focus much more on product quality and their family.

As the business was built to help a selected group of people, we are selective in selecting our bakers. Only single mothers and stay-at-home mothers can apply. I welcome other ladies who fit our requirements and who have a passion for baking to join us. Together we aim to provide a variety of products to our customers. At the same time, I want to give hope and encouragement to this group of strong women and ensure they feel appreciated for their talents.

“Many times we have no idea the things we do have an indirect impact on others. “

Suzlina Rahman – a volunteer at United Women SG

Curated by Suz has also made an impact on my personal life. My daughter has expressed interest to continue my work. It endorses my purpose of helping others and serves as a testament that what I am doing has a positive impact on her life too. I hope my business will be able to inspire my children and my future generation to continue to help others as to how my father has inspired me to do so.

Suzlina Rahman is the Founder of @curatedbysuz, a platform that collaborates with single and stays at home mom to bring customers a wide range of home-baked goodies. Apart from being a mumpreneur, she also volunteers at United Women SG. Show your support! Follow @curatedbysuz and grab some cookies while you are at it. They offer door gift options for MICE too!

Know of someone who may benefit from joining Suzlina’s team, contact her @curatedbysuz. And if you know of someone whose story can be inspirational to others, contact us and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Hugs & Kisses from WLW team.

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