Resilience in Business as a Mom.

Be thankful for the thing that was about to make you feel dead, cos that’s the exact thing you will be grateful for.

Adee Salleh – An empowerment coach

Back in 2013, I wrote a thesis about resilience for my honors year and I’m so glad I did this topic, cos never had I expected it has helped me so much. Co-managing our sportswear and activewear brand @emsportif for 4 years, and managing solely parenting platform @chicmamae for 3 years has taught me so much about the importance of this word, RESILIENCE.

The inner motivation will slowly fade.
The hype on running a business will slow down.
Competition will get tougher.
The need to be creative, committed to running a business all the time will make some feel like taking a HIATUS.

I succumbed to taking a hiatus when my 2020 plans were dashed after Circuit Breaker. 

Crawling under a very safe spot in a shell, I felt carefree drowning myself in K-dramas, but I felt empty. Then came a day I told myself, THIS IS NOT ME. 

Adee Salleh – An businesswoman/entrepreneur

Though I cannot conduct my yoga classes physically anymore, nor run parenting and motherhood events, there must be something I could do to share with other mamas out there. I know that I am capable of changing my thoughts, patterns and beliefs, and that we all can reprogram ourselves.

And thus, the birth of my E-book: The little book on productivityhacksformamas !

Adee and her e-book: The little book on productivityhacksformamas

This has actually inspired me to be an empowerment coach, while juggling with my full-time job and 2 small kids – cos ..

 I can’t emphasize the importance of us, women looking into ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions. 

Adee Salleh – a yoga instructor

This worked for me: self-exploring on how to be conscious of your unconscious thoughts and behaviours, as well as choosing to experience more positive emotions and less negative ones.

A mother to two beautiful children

We have been given this power to control our own mind. A power that we might have withhold – so it’s time to take this power back.

Adee Salleh is the Founder of Chicmamae for the Mindful Mamas & a lifestyle brand, Emsportif, as well as an Empowerment Coach who is always looking out for ways to help women improve their quality of life. She strives hard to build her passion and find every opportunity to involve her little ones – like doing yoga together! On some days, she can also be seen dancing on TikTok with her kids, letting herself go 

If you find Adee’s story inspiring and want to learn more of what this mamma got to offer, don’t forget to follow her platforms, @Chicmamae, @Emsportif or her latest venture ! If you know of someone whose story can be inspirational to others, contact us and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Hugs & Kisses from WLW team.

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