I am at a crossroad….

Coming from a family which has been running a retail business for three generations, I guess entrepreneurship has always been a part of me. After I left my first job, I had to make a decision between applying to another company or start my own business. It was at that point of time when I received an opportunity from a contact in Turkey, to distribute his products in Singapore. Naturally, I took it.

Taking time off to focus on my kids

Running my own business has its perks. One that I value most, is the flexibility of time that it gives me. Although it requires a lot of time investment as I have to perform the entire spectrum of business (from planning to marketing to sales etc), being my own boss means that I can dictate when to give myself a break. So that means I can give myself long holidays. Or just take time off to focus on my kids at home. This might sound rosy to someone, not in this line. But don’t be fooled,

entrepreneurship comes with its set of challenges as well.

Sheikhah – Founder & Business Director of The Turkish cloth (@theturkishcloth)
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There are often too many tasks to get done with too little time, money and resources. It can get stressful and tiring. In the last 6 years, there had been many times that I contemplated giving up the business and going back to the corporate world. However, through the difficult times, I had a good support system that came in the form of “entrepreneur friends”. Networking is very important. I have been surrounding myself with good friends who motivate, not discriminate. And they would push me back up when I get discouraged. I guess that, and the passion for my business was what kept me going all these years.

“If something great comes my way, I would give it a go”

Today, if you ask me if I would continue doing business or make a career switch, honestly, I can’t give you a definite answer yet. I would be lying if I say that this COVID-19 pandemic has not affected my business. So instead, I have chosen to be open-minded with career opportunities that would be of interest to me. If something great comes my way, I would give it a go and put my business at the back seat.

I don’t believe in having regrets. One thing business has taught me is that I must be able to adapt to changes swiftly.

Sheikhah – Founder and Business Director of The Turkish cloth (@theturkishcloth)

Sheikhah is a dedicated mom of 3 beautiful children. She is the founder of The Turkish Cloth LLP. She is a passionate “home-potato” who loves all things cooking and Marie Kondo. But don’t be fooled by her looks, she turns into a kick-ass mumpreneur who mean serious business when she puts on her work glasses. Follow her on @theturkishcloth to check out her selection of beautiful shawls. #supportlocalsg

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