Marriage, 2 kids, a PhD, career shift and relocation before the age of 30

Now that I am in a good place in my career, I often get asked how did I manage marriage, 2 kids, a PhD, a shift in career and moving to another country before the age of 30?

The answer is strength and determination.

Pascale Cannon – Senior Data Scientist | Holmusk

My family story begins when I met my husband at NUS during an exchange program. Us two lovebirds got married only a year later in Canada, afterwhich we spent 3-years in a long-distance relationship. I pursued my PhD & my dear husband stayed in Singapore for work. That was until I got pregnant during his 1-month long visit. At the time, I wanted a break from my studies and the pregnancy was a great way to take a year off and spend some time as a family. Having a child changed me for the best, making me a better person and planner. Four years later, we decided to grow our family. My supervisor was less understanding this time and refused to let me take maternity leave. Looking back, my post-partum depression was inevitable. It ruined my marriage and my work. In order to graduate, I had to involve multiple administrators since my supervisor would no longer support my career after I chose my mental health & my child above all. That decision was most likely the best decision of my life. Having no more safety net and a marriage that was hanging by a thread, I had to explore other horizons and expand my network. Putting my ego aside, I continued my studies in Data Science and now work within a company that is understanding of my family values.

Choosing my mental health & my child above all was most likely the best decision of my life.

I have since re-built the foundation for my family & most importantly, my mental health. I now know that

no matter how well you plan, life will throw challenges along the way making you lose your bearings but remember, you are stronger than you think. 

Pascale Cannon – a wife and a mother of two

Pascale holds a doctorate in Cell and Systems Biology from the University of Toronto, where she specialised in neurobiology and cellular dynamics. She enjoys traveling and spends her free time reading mystery & crime novels.

Pascale’s story reminded us regardless of who we are, each of us goes through challenges and sacrifices. Remember, we have it in us to get through it. If you need help, know that it is okay to seek help. Check out Mindline SG. If you feel this story may help a family or friend, please share it If you know of someone whose story can be inspirational to others, contact us and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Hugs & Kisses from WLW team.

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