Reflections of 1st year of motherhood while working from home

Due to Covid19, working from home has been the new normal. For me, I have been doing this since 3 years ago and when my first born came along, realisties hit me so bad.

I remember how crazy life was with a newborn baby trying to get anything done including eating, showering, cleaning and work. 

I remember people used to tell me, oh so lucky you can work from home, but now I think mothers with children who are forced to do HBL and WFH realised that it’s just NUTS. It’s doing the impossible.

I remember days while doing work, Iman used to cry so I had to stop the email I was writing and come back to it later. 

I had to stop the email I was writing and come back to it later. 

I remember all the times Iman followed me to my pop up stores, in her pram. I vividly recall I had to push her around when there was no one to attend to. Even to the toilet, she had to come with me. (Thank god Malls are now kids friendly.) And when the shop got busy, I swear to you, help came in. I remember once, a random Makcik (Aunty) was passing by and saw me trying to calm Iman while talking to a customer ” takpe, away layan customer dulu, cik tolong dokong anak. (Never mind you serve your customer first, I can carry your baby.) I used to not like if random strangers carried my baby, but during desperate moments, I had to let go. There’s some magic when you learn to let go. 

“There’s some magic when you learn to let go. “

I remember going to KL once to meet my supplier and I had to bring Iman along, up and down the taxi with bags of samples. Was so blessed for understanding suppliers as she herself is a mother and her kid was also at her office.

I remember bringing Iman to all my photoshoots, fashion shows, meetings.

I remember bringing Iman to all my photoshoots, fashion shows, meetings. Before we left the house, I had to make sure all her food, diapers were packed along side my own personal things. Was it crazy? Yes, but now that I am reflecting, it was an experience I’ll never forget. It was something I had to go through to finally realise – ok I needed help. And the help I chose was to get a full time maid. 

When I think back to my pre-motherhood days, was I productive? Did I do more than what I am doing now? Did I achieve more back then?

The funny answer is that, though motherhood has robbed 24 hours of my time, 7 days a week, it has  also forced me to be efficient, effective and quite productive I must say.

After my helper came, things got way way better although there was alot of adjustments to be made. Setting rules and expectations with her took some time. Shortly after we all got the hang of the new family unit, I got pregnant and the whole process started again. Thank god she came on time as my first trimester was quite bad. 

Now with 2 young children, the madness is even more real. Some days I turn into a monster screaming at Iman – Noooooo dont mess up my stocks. Other days, I just let her mess things up and deal with it later. 

I find myself now having to find every pocket of time to do what I need. Since my helper focuses on cooking and cleaning, my role is spending quality time with the 2 kids and overseeing the housework. I still have to meal plan, arrange for groceries on top of running the business. As I’m writing this, even my thoughts feel like it’s everywhere. 

This is the Women of today. 

We multi-task like hell.

We dictate what needs to be done within our means. 

We are independant.

We seek progress and growth. 

We want to make meaning of what we do and create an impact on society. 

Selma Bamadhaj – Founder of Lully Selb (@lullyselb)

Blog write up was done by Selma herself. Juggling motherhood and your dream is never easy. Regardless if you choose to work from home mother or full time in the office. But it is not impossible either

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