I want to work from home (WFH). Where do I start? 

Many of us aspire to be a #digitalnomad or have the option to work from home. However, not everyone wants to travel the road of an Entrepreneur. For some, due to commitments, we prefer the stability of being employed by an organisation.

Unfortunately, options may not be widely available yet especially for us here in Asia. However, that should not dampen our spirit. Starting out as a Freelance is likely our best option to get a feel of being employed as a teleworker or remote worker. At the same time, it provides you the opportunity to pick up the necessary skill-sets to get you a step closer to the work from home lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Previously, we shared on our featured write up some of what we thought are the more common remote jobs one may consider when exploring remote working.

Today, we are going to share how you could start building up experiences in some of these positions.

1. Designers (Graphic, Web, Branding and more)

Good design has always been a key aspect of a growing business. With more businesses going digital, there is an awareness for the need of good online presence and branding. Online visual plays a critical role more than ever before in order to engage and retain the market audience. If you have an eye for good design and enjoy creating
them, this may be something for you. To start:

Build a portfolio.

  •  Showcase what you can do and offer even if you did not go through formal training.
  • Use social media platforms that make your portfolio accessible. Do not forget to use # to market yourself. GET NOTICED!

Totally new? Nothing to build your portfolio?

  • Re-Skill. Learn online or/and attend design workshops that give you hands-on experiences.
  • Volunteer. Help manage a non-profit organisation or a friend with simple work, posters, logos etc

2. Digital Marketers or/and Social Media

Social media platforms are a must-have in today’s marketing strategies for reasons such as cost-effective, more inbound traffic, higher conversion rates and more. Hence why Digital Marketing or Social Media management is considered one of
the fastest growing in-demand skills. To start:

  • Personal Branding. Your personal social media account can be your portfolio
  • Educate. Learn the in and out of different social media platforms. Either self-taught by experimenting with the available tools, sign up for free online courses or attend a hands-on workshop.
  • Volunteer. Help manage a non-profit organisation or a friend with business social
    media accounts

3. Developers (Web, Mobile and Desktop App)

Developers are one of the pioneers in remote working and they continue to be in demand. Phyton is an example of a popular coding language now. This may be a tricky one to start with since the idea of coding can be somewhat daunting. To that, we say “If you never try, you will never know”. If you are the slightest bit curious,
we say GO FOR IT! To start:

  • Join an online Code Camp .E.g. https://www.freecodecamp.org/ .Start from
    where you are comfortable
  • Join tech communities such as The Codette Project, Coding Girls or others. Join their workshops!
  • Experiment and explore by building your own simple website.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant roles can provide much needed help for budget concern start-ups and SMEs to reach its optimal efficiency and effectiveness. It allows businesses to focus on
developing their core products/services while delegating operational tasks to Virtual Assistants. Operational tasks complexity may vary from simple calendar management to web content management to bookkeeping. To start:

  • Transferable skills: Identify skills such as organizational, meticulous, time management, customer service, responsiveness and many others that will work well as an assistant. Highlight them in your resume.
  • Mentor: Join an existing virtual assistant organisation such as Virtual Assistant Singapore and be guided.

5. Writers (Blogs, Content writer, Copywriter)

Blogging proofs if you have a flair for writing and readers that enjoys your writing style, you can make a living out of it. Our suggestions

  • Start your own blog: The best way to practice, sharpen and display your writing skills is to start writing a blog of your own. Write about what you are passionate about or simply stories you like to share.
  • Be a guest writer: “Storytelling” is now one of the ways businesses are marketing their services/products. Apart from social media platforms, one method businesses are utilizing “Story Telling” approach is blogging. To help generate consistent content, businesses now do refer to guest writers.

Yes, all the above require hard work. You will need to have the willingness to learn something new. Most importantly, you have got to be CONSISTENT.  Because it won’t be easy and we all need some push sometimes, we are at WLW will be your cheerleader. Feel free to reach out to us if you need some sort of moral support.

We wish you ALL the BEST!

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