4 Sites with Remote Jobs Listing outside of US and Europe

Time sure flies doesn’t it?

It has been a year since we decided to dive deep into this world of remote work with the belief that it can benefit us all in achieving the work-life balance we aim for. Especially for us women. Sure the journey has its fair share of challenges but it has been such an eye-opener. We are so glad we stuck to it. We’ve learned so much the past year.

Today, we are going to share some of what we’ve learned with you. Let’s look at some of the remote job sites we have been exploring.

After hopping from one remote job portal to another, we found one of the biggest challenges is the limited number of International or 100% remote job opportunities. What exactly does this mean? It means, there aren’t as many remote job opportunities that are location independent as we like them to be. Majority of these opportunities are found in the United States or United Kingdom region. There are many reasons why these organizations may choose to hire only in these locations (labor law?). Whatever the reasons may be, it is clear, we need to get more organizations HERE that are in OUR region to step into this, recognizes its benefits and create more opportunities for us.

We are working hard on this..as you can see. hehe.

The second challenge is to ensure we do not get SCAMMED. Just like buying anything online. It can be hard to say for sure if something is legit. It is not always “What you see, is what you get” unless it is from a trusted source. Hence why it is important to identify job sites that have credibility in their job posting. For the most part, these remote job sites do a good job filtering these scams out. Nevertheless, as remote job seekers, due diligence should still be exercised. For now. let’s get to know four of these remote job sites.

    1. FlexJobsRemote-Jobs-Websites-Flexjobs-768x402FlexJob is a remote job site that offers a wealth of information from job searches to tips and blogs. Covering topics from flexible work options, benefits, news, and resources. However, some may quickly point out one of the downsides of FlexJobs when compared to the rest, is the fact that it charges job seekers a subscription fee of either a monthly (USD$14.95), 3 months (USD$29.95) or yearly (USD$49.95) plan. Others may argue this it is worth the investment as you get a lot of value out of it. Values such as  What do we think? It all boils down to preference. The definite plus is that you do not have to be concerned of any posting scams. FlexJobs does a pretty good job screening their job posting. Our suggestions would be.
      • Get a sense of what International remote jobs are out there by searching on other remote job sites or FlexJobs. Yes, even if you have not subscribed, you can still search on FlexJobs but you will not be able to view the full listing. Click here for FlexJobs International listing.
      • Try out a self-development project that gives you a good experience of remote working. It can be writing a blog, learning to code, create your own website. etc.
      • Once you are familiar and possibly comfortable with remote working, make that inform decision if investing in FlexJob subscription is for you.

We frequent remote.co A LOT. We love it because it is free, it is simple (no sign up required!) and offers tips and insights from both remote companies and workers perspectives. These tips and insights are collated through 38 questions to 139 companies. Melewi is i n it! The questions cover topics such as why these companies decided to be remote, how it is like hiring, managing remotely and implementing remote work policies. To date, remote.co has over 50 thousand remote team members. To view its international list of remote job opportunities, click here. You will quickly realize the “international” tag for each remote job opportunity that is open international making it easy to identify.

    1. Remote.comremotecommain Sign up to remote.com is FREE with the option to upgrade for additional exposure.  Remote.com provides a job matching feature which will be unlocked once you complete your profile and job preference setting. If an employer engages with you as a potential candidate, remote.com utilizes machine learning to get a better sense of what the employer is looking for to ensure it is the best match.Now, if you prefer to just browse without going through the profile setup and do not wish to go through any job matching algorithm. You can still browse for jobs that are open to international applicants. We found the best way to narrow this down is by entering your location as seen in the red oval below.remotecomsearch
  • Remote|OKRemoteOk.png
    Similar to remote.co, remote | OK does not require you to log in. Once you land on their site, you can start browsing and searching for your ideal remote job. While it allows companies to tag if they are only hiring for a specific location, navigating and filtering that out seems tricky and a little annoying. So why is Remote | OK in our list anyways? It is because of its cool feature listing down Remote Work Statics. This statistics shows you in-demand skill sets that are trending based on the last 12 months remote job posting. It also lists down a live ranking of the companies that had been hiring remote position aggressively for the past 12 months.

If you are interested to read more of the remote | ok journey, we recommend reading this.

That’s our 4 picks of remote job sites. Thank you again for reading through and indulging us!

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