229,100 Women outside the labour force



That is the number of Singapore residents in their mid 20s (13,100), 30s (46,100), 40s (71,200), and 50s (98,600) making up the vast majority of women outside of the labour force as of June 2017. (Source: Comprehensive Labour Force Survey, Manpower Research & Statistics Department, MOM)

Referencing the Singapore “Labour Force 2017” report by Ministry of Manpower, it was no surprise that out of the 64% of women residents outside the labour force 2017, 42% cited family responsibilities such as housework,childcare, or care-giving to families/relatives as the top reason to remain outside the labour force.

That is 229,100 untapped potential.

Potentially talented, skillful and industry experienced women.

So the question is….

Can we tap and leverage the talent, skills and experiences of these women?

Or perhaps the better question is

How do we tap and leverage on the talent, skills and experiences of these women?

With today’s technology, the idea of working remotely is no longer far fetch. Remote workers who are typically freelancers, no longer require to take only project based projects and submit deadlines in person. Everything can now be done online via the web. In fact, with the evolution of technology and digital world, more online roles are created. Employers are more willing to hire full time remote workers and more tools to track remote workers productivity are at their disposal.

Here are some remote roles that can and should definitely leverage today’s digital world.


  1. Multimedia or Graphic Design

    Even before the digital age, this role was one of the pioneers in remote work. Many designers out there work as freelancer on projects. However even if this was a full time remote role, it would totally rock. With tools such as facetime or skypes and online boards, impromtu catch ups are as good as dropping by someones desk. So, if you are creative and has an eye for design, this may be something you want to explore. Typical projects for this role are graphic designs of logos, banners, brochures, labels, packages, animation, web designs and many others.

  2. Virtual Assistant also known as Administrative Support.

    With the advancement of AI, many technology companies developed virtual assistance applications and products such as Google Assistance. Eventhough we won’t deny it is pretty awesome (to some extend freaky!), there are just some things that cannot replace the human “touch”, for example if you need to bounce an idea or ask an opinion, you cant do it with an AI (well I hope not, like ever! Have you seen terminator? “Skynet is online”. If anyone knows of any AI out there that can, please do share!)

    Jokes aside, remote virtual assistant can provide that much needed support to cover the repetitive administrative tasks and free up full time in-house employee(s) to focus on perhaps product development, client networking or whatever it may be.

    If you are considering being a virtual assistant or hiring one, the responsibilites of a virtual assistant varies from data entry, secretarial tasks, research, travel coordination, email management, meeting coordination, accounting for those trained and others. Virtual support assistances are typically good at multi-tasking (Most if not all women especially mothers are!) , detail oriented and organised. SME or Startup may consider taking advantage of this. It typically allows for extra helping hand without the hefty budget tag to it. Remember, it opens up time in the calendar to focus on other critical tasks.

  3. Support Roles

    With the right setup (up to date computer hardware, good internet connection, headset and generally quite environment), support roles such as Customer Service/Support, Technical Supports can be done remotely and does not require for employees to be physically in the office. This is especially true now since most consumers these days are pretty digital savvy and dare I say prefers the email or chat support. PLUS with organisations such as Bitrix24 remote customer service and technical support setup just got easier.

    The other advantage of having remote support is the ability of hiring someone across the world at a different timezone to extend your support coverage to maybe even 24/7! Have a good night sleep, knowing someone is covering your customer inquiries while you dream in the comfort of your bed.

    Oh and before we forget, hiring remote support employee also makes business continuity plan seamless. So if your office ever had to evacuate for an emergency or perhaps just under going renovation, your remote support continue business as usual.

  4. Telemarketer

    As the name may suggest, this primary role of a telemarketer is to make phone calls and promote an organisation’s products or services. Typically a standard script would have be available for the telemarketer to follow. There could be a set of quota to be met. Either the number of leads or appointments set.

  5. Digital Marketers

    With the increase popularity of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, organisation small, medium or big are turning to these digital medias to market their product and services. Digital marketers are required to analyse consumers behaviours such as their habits, motivations and strategies the right approach to effectively communicate to their clients digitally.

So what has these roles got to do with the 229,100 untapped women potential.


THIS is how we can tap and leverage the talent, skills and experiences of these “superwomen”! With the digital and technology world, the possibilities seems limitless.

Regardless the reasons behind these womens decision to put family first, many will eventually return to the labour force. Efforts are put in place to support these women return. We applaud and 100% behind them.  However…


With the technology and the potential, we feel there is so much that can be achieved together.

If this article resonates, join us and discover the possibilities remote work has to offer.

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