Procrastination… the struggle is real.

This is it! My first contribution to WLW blog. Goodness, I can’t believe it took me 4 months to write up a simple post. F-O-U-R months! That’s major procrastination for an entry.

Well, it sets me thinking introspectively, that I personally tend to delay tasks which I am either not good at or find daunting. Like blogging for instance. I dislike it so much, because I find it hard to express myself. I remembered how I sat and waited till the eleventh hour to write my entire team’s evaluation report, before frantically punching my keyboard the night before submission. The result was substandard work – tons of grammatical errors, poor delivery, missing points, and terrible eye bags! I told myself, that not only was it irresponsible of me to deliver low grade report, this excuse won’t do and that I should just try and do it. If it is not your forte, don’t be embarrass to seek help or outsource to someone else. Give the task what it truly deserves – a job well done.

Since being a SAHM , gone are the days when I was too lazy to remove my make up after a late night out, and just crash in bed. With this little one in tow, my needs/to-do-s have fall secondary. Attending to a screaming child in the middle of laundry, shower has become second nature. Drop everything! No time to be lazy.

The change in family dynamics has forced me to set goals and plan my day, my life. As simple a goal, as number of times to take the boy swimming, when every day to teach him languages, do laundry etc. I find planning my day with my husband has certainly helped us check off our to do list much easily. It feels really satisfying, knowing that you’ve maximized your day. And gets you a bit more motivated to complete more things afterwards.

I bet we all already know this – that one needs to prioritize and have good discipline to complete any important task. It is all in the mind. If you have to get something done, put your mind to it and just go. The last thing I want anyone to see me as, is lazy or unreliable.

Oh wow! This turned out to be a pretty long post. But hey, I am working on getting into the habit of writing all over again. Not so bad for a first.


1) Prioritize
2) Plan
3) Seek help
4) Just do the do!


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