What is Customer Service to YOU?

I drafted up this really long write up about customer service , its definition, the process etc. I never publish it. Each time I read it, something feels amiss. I kept asking myself why eh….

One day, I realize I was trying too hard to give it a specific definition, or share how one should expect it to be or at least I think it should be.

Honestly, it is DIFFERENT for each person.

It could be that BIG SMILE from the cashier at the supermarket.

It could be the EXTRA energy and effort put in by the petrol attendant to greet you, shine your car after filling up car.

It could be the attention to DETAIL in designing a product or serving you a meal.

I recalled one of my managers said, to him it was a GREAT RELIABLE product that does not require for him to call in to the organisation to get it fix or serviced.


I believe customer service is how it makes a person FEELS at the end.

If it gives you that light warm happy fuzzy feeling

If it gives you ease of mind

If it lets you accomplish what you need or want


Then it is Customer Service done RIGHT!

At WLW, we strive to deliver just that!

If you are looking for support for your business or event that provide the right customer service feel, do check out our services page or drop us a note. We will be happy to discuss how we can support you to give or receive that extra Customer Service umph!

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