Behind every successful man is a great woman!

Behind every strong man is a strong woman.

Behind every successful man is a wise woman

We have heard these taglines numerous times in our lifetime. If we at WLW are being biased (which we truly are right this moment), we will second it in a heartbeat! No questions asked.

Simply because we women are fabulous. (insert hair/hijab flick action)

On a serious note, there are many “definitions” or perspectives to these taglines. Some even call them proverbs and they have their share of jokes (positive, negative and even naughty ones) out there. Is it true though?

Back in the 40’s most women were seen as supporting their husbands by being good homemakers. Making sure the essential needs such as clothingfoodclean comfortable homes and many others are met. A lot of times, women provides so much more. They are wise and influential in a lot of decision making.

Here are some referral links from other write-ups that prove how influential women are and not just from behind the kitchen.

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(I love how they use beside rather than behind!)

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As time progresses, a lot has changed and it continues to evolve. Today, women are out there not just being influential to their husband. They are making a name for themselves. Contributing to the economy and often enough whilst making sure the essential needs of their dependent are met. There could very well be, a great man supporting, motivating her one way or another. A husband, stay at home dad, a father, a son perhaps?

Truth is.

We believe the success of an individual depends on oneself. The sheer hard workperseverancedetermination and a lot other amazing attributes that they put into their work. BUT we can bet with you there is an AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM behind them ensuring they are getting the assistance they need along the way.


As an individual, we bet you can achieve a lot. Imagine how much more you can achieve with a supportive team, we know you can soar greater heights! The sky is the limit as they say.

So regardless of what roles you are in today, have you thanked your support system today?

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